Sunday, June 16, 2013

Welcome to the stable Paddington Ravager.

     I was just browsing Petopia looking for some pets to tame to fill up these 50 slots that I have now.  I found a pretty good looking ravager that I thought might match my Dragonstalker transmog.  There is an orange and purple skin ravager, it's the ravagers that swarm Toshley's Station in Blades Edge Mountains every hour or so.  The actual name of the mob is the Gore-Scythe Ravager.  It was super convenient that my hunter just happens to be an engineer and had the transporter that sends me straight to Toshley's.  I actually only had to wait a few minutes.  I logged on the game about 5:45 and tamed at about 5:52.  Lucky me.

     So since this isn't technically a rare spawn, I had to actually think of a name.  I always name rare spawns whatever their actual name is to differentiate them from other non-rare pets that may have the same skin.  I threw around a couple names but they just weren't 'ravager' enough for me.  Then a totally random thought entered my head.  I remembered a cartoon I used to watch when I was a kid.  Paddington Bear.  I thought "Holy crap, what better name for a pet ravager than that of a living stuffed adorable teddy bear!"  And the rest is history.  And the colors aren't really a perfect match but it's definitely close enough to be pretty cool.

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