Monday, June 24, 2013

Qiraji Guardling, the new Minfernal.

     June 21st, a day that will live in infamy.  OK Well maybe not, but it is the day that summer starts in WoW, at least as far as battle pets are concerned.  I knew this in advance, but alas, I work now, so I can't stay up until midnight server time (3 AM my time) to get them right when they spawned.  That may have been easier, or may have been just as bad, I'll never know.  But as soon as I was able to, I hightailed it to Silithus to go ahead and grab my long awaited title and achievement.  And this is what it looked like...

     There was almost as many people camping this pet as there were back in Vanilla when these gates were being opened for the first time.  It was insane.  My Daggerspine camping was short-lived though as I learned very quick, Cross realm zones mean "dump as many Horde toons into one space as humanly possible so Alliance can do absolutely nothing on a PVP server."  After many attempted gankings I became frustrated and quit.  Then I remembered that I had a 59 Death Knight on Darrowmere.  I headed over there post-haste, headed out to Hellfire Penninsula and it took only a few minutes for me to hit 60.  Headed back to Orgrimmar, and bought my flying skills and headed out to Silithus.

     I ran into an unexpected problem upon first arriving there.  Since it was summer, I thought I might as well honor/desecrate fires while I was there.  Come to find out that desecrating fires flags you for PVP...duh!  So after defeating the whole entire purpose of even coming to this server, I logged and would try again later.

     I camped for hours to no avail.  No little green paws on my screen anywhere.  A couple times I had one spawn right where I was standing, only for somebody to take it while I wasn't paying attention.  I went to bed that night Guardlingless, but my cat did have 3 brand new and healthy kittens while I was waiting for the spawns.  Fast forward to the next day and a new Blingtron party buff outfit.

     So I'm just standing there in my chosen camping spot.  I have personally seen multiple people battling guardlings right at this spot so I know it's a good spawn point.  I finally see a green paw!  I run over there to see that it's only a stupid Scarab.  By this time, I'm bored, so I click on it to battle while I wait.  Not even 10 seconds after I go into the pet battle screen, a damn Guardling spawns EXACTLY WHERE I WAS JUST STANDING before I ran over to battle this garbage.  Somebody jumps on it and is already battling before I can even forfeit and get out of my battle screen.  Needless to say I was in an uncontrollable rage at this point.  The ONLY thing stopping me from causing damage to my keyboard/mouse or some other expensive piece of stuff in my room is my step daughter who is in the room with me watching.  It took everything that I had to choke back the flowing river of profanity that was trying to push its way out of my lips like a really foul mouthed newborn baby.  This was right when my wife got home from work so it was time for another break.

     After dinner, before I went to bed I wanted to of course check again to see if I could get lucky.  All the sudden there is another green paw!  Somebody beats me to it...but it's only a trash battle so they just kill it.  Then BAM!  Another green paw spawns near me.  I run to it as fast as my 150% speed mount will take me spamming my targeting+interact macro all the way.  It's a race between me and at least 2 others, I'm guessing my interact macro got the better of their mouse clicking because my pet battle screen opens up and there she is in all her glory, the Qiraji Guardling!

     The battle was pretty uneventful, I had filled it with some non-25 pets to make it less likely that I would kill her.  I had one close call when one of my moves crit and it lowered her to only 40 health.  That would have been a totally new string of profanity and rage.  It took me 3 cage attempts to finally lock her down but I got her.  The last 2 pets went down easily and BAM AGAIN!

     Oh yeah, who's a Zookeeper?  Oh yeah that's right!  This guy!  Screw you Kalimdor Safari, no longer will your incompleteness haunt me.  My Guardling was an uncommon and it looked to be the balanced version with the exact same amount of speed and attack power.  It was OK though because I had been saving a Humanoid battle stone just for this occasion for weeks now.  It's been sitting in the bags of one of my pet battle daily campers, my Forsaken rogue Timothii.  The before and after stats are below.  She only loses one level due to the fact that she is 16 when caught.

     I can go to bed tonight a happy camper.  Today was a good day.  And now I don't have to spend the next 90 days bored out of my mind standing around in the gates of AQ looking for little green paws.  I can do something level more 90s!  Woot!

     And if anybody is interested the targeting macro is super easy.

/target Qiraji Guardling

     And for the interact macro, which is the most important because it actually starts the battle, is not really a macro, it's a key binding.

Go to Game Menu -> Key Bindings -> Scroll down to "Targeting Functions" -> Bind "Interact with Target" to a key of your choosing.

     I chose the zero key on my number pad for the targeting macro and the decimal button on the number pad for my interact.  They're both right next to each other on my keyboard so I could spam both of them really fast with two fingers.  Good luck and happy hunting!

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