Saturday, June 15, 2013

Taming Hutia

     So tonight I'm in Jade Forest leveling my mage and I'm getting ready to do the quest where I have to kill the sprites for the chunks of jade.  I see the porcupine spirit beast Hutia there chilling by the log.  Now this isn't the first time I've seen him there but I wasn't really interested in taming him before since my stable was all full.  But now, we're in patch 5.3 and hunters now have 50 stable slots!  So I figure what the heck, might as well try.  I log on to my hunter and make my way to Jade Forest.

     So after Googling the taming directions I realize I need to be specced into Silencing Shot, which I have on neither of my dual specs.  So now I'm hearthing, going back to Stormwind, buying Tome of the Clear Minds and respeccing.  I take the portal back to Pandaria and luckily he's still there waiting for me.  It took a while for me to get this guy because he will 2 shot most 90s, he hits like a truck traveling at mach 3.  After a while I got it down.  My 'Tell Me When' addon was super helpful.  I had it flash a huge unmissable icon whenever he tried to use his heal and I had my Silencing Shot keybound to my middle mouse button since this is usually where I bind all of my interrupts to.

     Basically the tame is as follows.  You pull Hutia and you are going to kite him around the log where he spawns at.  Concussive Shot and Frost Traps are your friend.  I had Aspect of the Cheetah on but make sure you don't get hit because that daze equals a short run back to your dead corpse.  On top of this you have to interrupt his Spirit Heal spell which heals 30% of his health.  Like I said, once I had the 'Tell Me When' icon set up, it made interrupting this pretty easy.  The 24 second cooldown on my Silencing Shot was short enough to interrupt every single heal so I didn't need any other moves.

     It took me a while to DPS Hutia down enough to where his untamable buff drops off since you have to be BM to tame, and a BM hunter without a pet out is pretty useless.  So I'm kiting him around the tree pretty much spamming Concussive Shot, Serpent Sting, Cobra Shot and Arcane Shot.  The buff finally drops off and so I make sure that I am far enough away from him so I can start the tame.  I give him one last Concussive Shot for the road and start spamming my tame button.  He gets off only one hit on me before the tame finishes, drains half my health, but I have another pretty spirit beast to add to my stable.

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